Troopy Trips

The intent behind Troopy Trips is to provide detail on the experience at a camping destination beyond a photo or video of the campground. What’s it truly like to stay there. When you’ve got a young family, a wife or a mate who loves camping but a wife that doesn’t, you want to know you’re set to have a great time and the perfect camping experience.

I love camping and fortunatly for me so do my wife and kids. But, in my opinion it’s because we take a lot of time to research great destinations that have something for everyone and we’ve refined our approach so we are capable and confident all all types of weather. As we continue to publish content from our trips of the past and more recent trips, you can learn from our lessons.

More importantly though, I’m hoping people will share with us as well. If you have a great destination you’ve been going to for years and are willing to share it with other like minded people than share a few photo’s and write up your story. I’d love to publish it as part of the website and full credit to you will be given.

I hope you enjoy the content and the destinations and look forward to seeing you out there.

Mark Cichowski