Personalised Roof Awning

As the kids are growing up were often spending a day at the beach or alongside a nice river. However, there’s often times where we come together for a drink / lunch and get out of the sun for a bit! So we started looking at roof awnings.

Awning Side View

Awning Side View

When we looked at retail solutions for an awning there were a couple of things I didn’t like. To fit something for the side and the rear (so the fridge can hang out) we needed two awnings or a fox wing. But these were heavy. When travelling around with a small family, you’re always struggling for space. A good roof rack is essential to fitting all the gear without putting items in the cabin. However, weight on the roof is always an important consideration and we are often on the limit.

As we often get off road loaded up, I looked into making one that was simple. and allowed me to keep the gear in the car (in nooks and crannies).

So many people these days are driving around with awning