Front Window Winders – Made Easy

I bought my Troopy when it was just four years old. From the day I owned it the drivers (and passengers) window’s were extremely difficult to wind down considering the age of the car.

I assumed it was an issue with the window regulator (winder) that I inherited from the previous owner. For years I tolerated it, and watched friends get in who didn’t know the car and leave the last third up because it was so hard to wind down.

However, I finally broke the regulator. After pulling the door card off (and damaging it slightly), I fitted the new regulator and had exactly the same problem. The regulator wasn’t the problem – bugger!

I started to suspect the rubbers that the window slides up and down in. I started to ask around and got the advice to soften the rubbers with Armorall. I did this by winding the window down into the door and then spraying the Armorall inside the vertical rubbers, and on the side. Then rolled the window up and down a few times to encourage the Armorall to be taken down into the door. Each time I do this I repeat this process two to three times on each door.

Because I had neglected mine for so long, I had to repeat this every week for about 3 weeks before I noticed a real difference. Once I got them softened and working again however, I only repeated it when I noticed they were getting a little stiff (read dry).

If you’re thinking about rushing out and replacing your rubbers, I wouldn’t. So long as they are in good condition, the Armorall will get them working nicely again. Just be patient.

I did replace mine with genuine rubbers in 2015 and they were still slightly stiff requiring the same treatment as above. Just make this part of your regular maintenance routine.

I can only imagine this is an issue on newer VDJ models with electric windows. So it would also be useful to lubricate them as well.

If you do need to get new rubbers or regulators, here’s how to get genuine ones for your vehicle at an affordable price.

Identify and Source Parts
Enjoy your easy windows! 🙂

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