Flinders Ranges NP – Southern Section

We’ve visited the Flinders Rangers twice now and each time it is looked completely different. We didn’t know what to expect from a camping perspective, but were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the available 4WDing and camping.


Getting There

We kicked off our adventure from the small town of Hawker, which is 403Km’s NNW of Adelaide, 1939Km’s SWW of Brisbane, 1578Km’s NNW of Sydney or 1104 Km’s NNW of Melbourne. 

Once you arrive at Hawker, you have a range of destinations to head to drive or camp, including at Hawker itself.



There are a large number of private properties that you can pay to drive on. Most of these have tracks that are well graded and suitable for most 4WD’s. But some of them are definitely for the more advanced driver.

Wilpena Pound
A must see when visiting the Flinders Ranges.

Arkaba Station

Arkapeena Station

Gammon Ranges


One of the most popular drives in the Flinders is SkyTrek. This is one of the longer self drives that we did and at the time was not really challenging. A couple of steep hills that were in good condition was the biggest challenge of the day. However it does have a some historical reference points and a couple of good vantage points where you can take in the view.

For additional information and bookings;

Public Access Routes – Nuccaleena Mine

After doing a number of the private properties, we had a day to explore  and selected the Nuccaleena Mine Public Access Track also known as a PAR. 

You access the PAR by heading north towards Parachilna. From Parachilna, heading north, turn right into Old Beltana Rd. After 3.4 Km’s turn onto Moorillah Rd. When we did this track it was rocky but in good condition. We did this drive in the afternoon. If you’re a photographer I would definitely recommend this time of day. The mine is ideal for exploring and taking photos at this time of day and the country side on the way out is lit up perfectly for you to enjoy.

Unfortunately at the time we did this trip information about PAR’s was quite difficult to find. However, it’s now much easier thanks to this link. If you get round to visiting some of the other 11 destinations, please share your experience.