Blue Room Adventures is a site for those looking to make the most of their time in the great outdoors – The Blue Room.

We’re a family of four with 2 young kids, and constantly frustrated by how difficult it is to get good information about camping destinations, key elements to explore and take advantage of while there. This website / community is about people sharing these experiences with each other and making new friends along the way.

Family at Fraser Island

Family – Fraser Island

For you, with young families or a partner you’re trying to entice to get out into the Blue Room, you want to have the confidence that the destination you are heading to is nothing but fantastic. Something for the kids, Mum and Dad or the lads depending on your needs.

To get out and about I have my trusty old Troop Carrier. While I cop a heap of flack for owning one around town, out in the bush it has recovered many and never let me down! I have had my Troop Carrier for 20 years now and love the places we get away to in it. It’s changed with us over time, supporting us travelling as a couple and sleeping in the back, to having a family and carting all the gear for us to get away. Anything from a weekend to a month long holiday in the Blue Room.

View of shackle angle

Old Faithful!

Over that time we observed others and learnt from our own experiences what contributes to an enjoyable trip. We’ve done small enhancements to suit our camping style, but in a way that doesn’t involve throwing thousands of dollars away. We will share some of the simple enhancements that have made a huge difference to our levels of enjoyment when camping.

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Look forward to building a great community and meeting you out in the Blue Room!

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